Kam Weng showed excellent communication skills, charismatic, well-spoken, analytic and pragmatic. He always communicated effectively to facilitate changes, build relationships, inspire stakeholder engagement, train staff and encourage cultural changes at different operational levels.

In this multicultural environment, he demonstrated strong listening skills, including active listening, capacity to gathering information and then clarifying it for the person working with him at all levels.

I observed him discussing many changes, providing details and explaining those in very simple and understandable ways. He doesn’t jump in straight away with the answer but rather make sure that he has fully understood the issue by reflecting and clarifying. He is keen in developing and coaching people, and it is not only those in his team, using his lateral leadership.

The principle I saw he applied were: Respect for the learner’s right to make his/her own decisions, treating people with respect and honesty, a non-judgemental approach, confidentiality regarding personal issues.

Marco Rustioni (Southern Europe, Senior Director, Italy)

Kam-Weng is a tough task master who never minces his words to get a message through in setting objectives and being determined to accomplishing them with his team. While having the objectives achieved, what impressed me most was not about the numbers we had met, but that the excellent coaching/mentoring skills Kam-Weng displayed in helping us achieving the objectives and our personal successes – he was always there around us being fully dedicated to help us, providing timely feedback, offering guidance and support, recognizing our achievements, celebrating the momentum, inspiring us to achieve more. He is a strong mentor/coach.

I recommend Kam-Weng without reservation.

Jane Lv (JAPAC Regional Director, China)

I have known Kam-Weng for over 5 years. During that time, Kam-Weng has been a friend as well as a mentor. He is naturally warm and approachable, easy to get on with and an excellent listener.  He understands that trust is a two way thing and must be earned if the best results are to be achieved.  His knowledge and experience are put to good use both in his ability to understand the needs of those he talks to, be it coaching or mentoring, as well the soundness of any advice he gives.  Without fail, after talking to Kam-Weng, I always left with a clear vision of what I needed to do and a smile on my face.

Phil Dixon (Technology Roadmap Director, US/UK)

Honesty and generosity of spirit are the two most essential qualities of a mentor. These two qualities comes to my mind the moment I think of Kam Weng. Few have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor but I did. I’ve had the pleasure of working and knowing Kam Weng for more than 10 years.

I have worked directly under him and had the privilege to be mentored by him both as a boss and a friend. Kam Weng always gives a sense of confidence to share or ask for an advice and he is brave enough to give a straight answer. He was always there for me even after I moved out of his organization to share his point of view and advise me whenever I needed.

Kam Weng has been a great mentor personally for me and actively supported my success with his words and action. Above all, I was impressed with Kam Weng’s ability to instill confidence while mentoring and build the kind of trust that is essential for any mentor relationship.

Murahari Reddy (Director, Global Customer Support, India)

I first met Kam Weng in the late 90s when we both worked at Sun Microsystems. He was one of those guys you immediately took to; easy to talk with, very approachable, a good sense of humour and fun to work with.

In the years that followed, I moved to Australia and within a brief period ended up working for Kam Weng after a company restructure. Thanks to my experience of working with him, I could reassure other colleagues that this was going to be good and I wasn’t wrong. Kam Weng showed great leadership to a broad and varied management team and most importantly, to the engineers who worked for them for whom he was ultimately responsible. People soon found he was easy to engage with and always supportive. He was a firm manager and you would realise quickly that nothing in life was free or easy. That said, you were never on your own and he would coach you through whatever the challenge or however big the change; something that was becoming a regular occurrence in our world.

Kam Weng continued to strengthen the bond with great mentoring. He demonstrated his willingness and ability to adapt to the changes that were happening around us all and encouraged us towards success because he wanted it for us all. When he saw potential in people, he built on it by challenging us to do more and to be better. I look back on these days fondly and confidently say that they helped make me who I am today.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had a few different roles but I have re-used much of what I learnt from working with Kam Weng many times with others to great effect, strengthening my teams and succeeding during periods of considerable change. If I was to sum it up simply it would be that, despite all the challenges and stress of day to day life or work, you need to enjoy what you do and how you live. He always tried to make sure that was what we did.

Declan Gibson (Senior Customer Service Manager, Australia)

I have known Kam-Weng for more than 25 years. More than a wonderful manager, he had been a great leader and mentor. He has niche of coaching / mentoring the individuals & teams that made lots of success stories in the 2 organizations that I worked with him.

Kam-Weng is an approachable leader who patiently spend time listening to the situation and assist exploring the right options to get on to the right direction to achieve the desired outcome. I have enjoyed his mentorship and learned lots of techniques and skills which helped me in-turn in my mentoring role. His ability to articulate the situation is the best I learned from him. His style been to teach how to fish, rather than offering fish itself. A coach in my opinion is instrumental to ignite, identify and expose the inner potential of an individual, which is a second nature for Kam-Weng. People development has been a key focus that I have witnessed in him, which is the reason for his endless participation in mentoring of engineers, new-hires, management professionals and leaders.

I have seen transformed individuals who went through mentoring program by Kam-Weng. Once a tough battle working with some hard/rigid minds, changed to pleasant engagement that I valued; all because of mentoring, constructive feedback and bridged gap with developmental plans.

Kam-Weng’s professional experience goes far beyond these few lines and he is a very skilled mentor and coach.

MJ Suresh (JAPAC, Senior Support Manager, Singapore)

I worked under Kam Weng’s leadership for 2 years. During this period, he gave me the tools in order to develop my work efficiently and also gave me the necessary autonomy to lead my team. He was always giving me feedback about my job and helping me to improve my team performance. Kam Weng was always strongly committed to the company’s objectives but people was a main focus for him. Under his direction, I felt very comfortable and when we had different points of view on any subject, he was always open to discuss, analyze and explain when needed. Summarizing, Kam Weng for me was a true leader and I think the period working with him, was very rich for me in terms of increasing my leadership skills.

Sergio Aguirre Serrano (Entrepreneur, Chile)

In my experience, Kam Weng has always driven those that work for him to drive themselves. His approach is to put forward questions that challenge you to think beyond the normal parameters. You learn to apply that in your own thinking, think about potential outcomes to a situation and then question again to think beyond those. I always felt able to have open discussions with Kam Weng to seek his assistance and guidance. He doesn’t present solutions but facilitates your thought processes through questioning and “what-if” to arrive at potential solutions and ultimately being able to make a recommendation.

Anne Davis (Senior Support Manager, United Kingdom)

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to comment about the mentoring sessions we had.

This helped me specially during my transition from an engineer to manager where your coaching and mentoring really helped me understanding the nitty gritty of what it takes to become a manager.

You spent time with me and not only just answered my queries but also helped me with your experience and quoting anecdotes and examples which made my understanding even better.

Since you were a role model for me, I also practiced some of the teaching you gave me and through that, I was able to build trust in my team and make it a high performing team.

I still remember your quote, “Do not be a popular manager as its easy but will not take you a long way”. I try to follow that too.

Thank you so much for being there as a mentor and guide.

Sailesh Thanki (Senior Manager, Singapore)

I’ve worked very closely with Kam-Weng since 2012 during my transition to a new role in a new organization. It was a new professional period for me in which I felt really supported by Kam-Weng, even though I was not a direct part of his team. He helped me in clearly understanding my role and focus on my individual objectives to obtain excellent results, using motivational strategies and giving me trust in myself by challenging to increase my skills taking part and mentoring me in important projects.

What I have seen during all this years is that Kam-Weng is the type of leader that put you in situations in which you have to think and solve. His sharp view of both business strategy and psychology of people makes working with him a continuous grow. I’ve seen different people in his team, with a great potential making them growing in their professional careers by coaching them and delegating trust and tasks.

Kam-Weng is a close, smart, understanding leader. He is always available to the people he works with. He has an important knowledge to share and he’s always willing to.

Marta Escalera (Business Analyst, Spain)

Understandably that coaching and mentoring use the same skills and approach but coaching is short term task-based and mentoring is a longer term relationship. My personal impression about Kam-Weng Goh in these two has been a positive one.

Let me elaborate. Kam-Weng somehow gives me the trustworthy look even before I communicate with him verbally. I still remember when I wanted to initiate an internal transfer from other department to one under his care, he was the first person I consulted.

Through the short “interview” there was a certain level of advisory discussion besides assessing my matching skills to the job requirements which he is concerned about.

From there onwards, I would hear how patient he had been in guiding junior staff in handling business processes, teaching non-technical team to understand technical subjects in layman terms and more importantly advising all staff about importance of work. I still remember clearly when he pointed out bluntly how we could have done better in supporting customers, openly.

There would be much more to tell about his ability and foresight in coaching and mentoring. I am very sure whoever works with him would be benefited.

Yeap Teck Leong (Technical Support Engineer, Singapore)