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Myths of the gig economy, corrected. HBR

Straight talk about employee evaluation and performance management. McKinsey

‘Always On’ isn’t always best for team-decision making. Harvard Business School


4 habits of people who are always learning new skills. HBR

The four types of dysfunctional executives and how to handle them. INSEAD

Jerk factors. McKinsey

Leadership development as a competitive advantage. McKinsey

High emotional intelligence is critical to good leadership. Here’s how to boost yours. Inc Asean

15 tips to be a more successful young leader. BPlans

Op-ed : What Mark Zuckerberg can learn about crisis leadership from Starbucks ? Harvard Business School

How to be a rebel ? Harvard Business School

Successfully transitioning to new leadership roles. McKinsey

The best CEOs are ready for crises. INSEAD

Leaders : It’s OK to not know everything. McKinsey

Why power seekers give advice ? INSEAD

Aim for transformation, not change. INSEAD

Decoding leadership: what really matters. McKinsey

How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals. HBR

The surprising generation that’s changing the future of work. DDI

Crafting your own leadership signature. INSEAD


Why the most productive people don’t always make the best managers. HBR

Best techniques for a successful job interview. The Balance

Does Job Hopping Help or Hurt Your Career ? Robert Half

15 things not to include in your resume. The Balance

The experience paradox. New York Minute Resume

Job Search : What’s the difference between a resume and a cirriculum vitae ? USA Today

How to answer interview questions about salary ? The Balance

Cognizing your career. Jian Hong Tan

Why employers favor men ? Harvard Business School

What to do when you realize you made a bad hire ? HBR

Every interview question is really this question. Fast Company

Myths of the gig economy, corrected. HBR


How to spot a liar, as explained by a certified fraud examiner. TED talk

Managers say they lack training, and 44% says they feel overwhelmed at work. HR Dive

How to have a good debate in a meeting. HBR

Are you guilty of micro-management ? HRM Online

How to get people to accept a tough decision ? HBR

Just do it: change your toxic culture. HRM Online

The 2 Cs of management excellence. McKinsey

Cut salaries or cut people ? The best way to survive a downturn. Harvard Business School

How are you protecting your high performers from burnout ? HBR

From lean to lasting : Making operational improvements stick. McKinsey

How managers can prevent their teams from burning out ? HBR

KPIs should never be tied to compensation. INSEAD

4 ways managers can exercise their ‘agency’ to change the world. Harvard Business School

Why successful companies usually fail ? INSEAD

How managers can curb overconfidence ? INSEAD

The overlooked essentials of employee well-being. McKinsey

Motivate me, please. INSEAD

Straight talk about employee evaluation and performance management. McKinsey

Customer Service

Complaining customers can be great for business. Namecheap

Why meeting customers’ expectations isn’t enough ? INSEAD

Want happy customers ? Focus on happy employees. McKinsey


The fairness factor in performance management. McKinsey

Soft skills training bring substantial returns on investment.  MIT Sloan

Poor grades tied to class times that don’t match our biological clocks. Neuroscience News

Why personality and not skill makes you a great employee ? World Economic Forum

Are you addicted to power ? INSEAD

Skill shift: Automation and the future of the workforce. McKinsey

The 10-point stress audit. INSEAD

Changing communication habits : Is an emoji worth a thousand words ? Human Resources

Excessive hours and intense work is bad for your career. Here’s why. WEF

The number one skill you need. INSEAD

The roles of emotions in effective negotiations. Harvard Business School

‘Always On’ isn’t always best for team-decision making. Harvard Business School

Self Development

How to have difficult conversations when you don’t like conflict. HBR

Why wisdom can’t be taught ? INSEAD

The key to cultivating agility in decision making. INSEAD

What is emotional intelligence ? Tenfold

Take control of your learning at work. HBR

What self awareness really is ? HBR

4 ways busy people sabotaged themselves. HBR

How to overcome common decision making obstacles ? Fast Company

The annoying habits of highly effective people. The Economist

The fine line between stubbornness and stupidity. INSEAD

Are you on a collision course with a workplace rival ? INSEAD

Critical Thinking

In China’s cities, young people with rural ties are angry. The Economist

How the financial crisis made Europe stronger ? World Economic Forum

Finland Has Second Thoughts About Giving Free Money to Jobless People. New York Times

Notes from the frontier: Modeling the impact of AI on the world economy. McKinsey

Two characteristics of the digital world conquerors. INSEAD