The sad state of customer service

We recently had an encounter that left a bitter aftertaste. The air-conditioner in our bedroom was having problems. The company that service our air-conditioners mis-diagnosed, causing us to spend money replacing something that was unnecessary. In the end, we have to buy a new unit. We asked for advice on what replacement unit we should … Continue reading The sad state of customer service

Dealing with difficult managers

In the past few months, I was talking with a friend who had a difficult boss. We have different bosses over the span of our career, and unless we are the very lucky few, we will come across some that makes us seriously contemplate leaving the job. I had my share of that and she … Continue reading Dealing with difficult managers

Being a mentor

Ever heard of the butterfly effect ? I ended my last article with this cryptic comment. The idea behind it is that even a minor change can have major consequences. I recently attended a training on mentoring, organized by the community that I am a volunteer. Each of us, regardless of age, has experience and … Continue reading Being a mentor

Planning ahead

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin The typhoon season is here again, causing wide-spread damage across the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Southern China. In the Western Atlantic, hurricanes are hammering the east coast of Americas. These weather phenomena are like clockwork. People has lived along the coastal … Continue reading Planning ahead

Taking the road less traveled

Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference¬†- American poet Robert Frost Human beings prefer familiarity. Part of that is conformance, partly is the fear of the unknown. If we stick to the well trodden path, we know what to … Continue reading Taking the road less traveled

Teacher’s Day

We just celebrated Teacher's Day here in Singapore and I want to take this opportunity to reflect what it means to be a teacher. We should also broaden the definition. Teachers don't come only from schools. It can be a relative, a family friend, your supervisors or peers. In school, the focus may be on … Continue reading Teacher’s Day

Asking the right question

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers" - Voltaire I have observed that Asians in general don't ask many questions. Be it at a company meeting or an external conference, it is rare to see anyone asking questions. I think it is cultural and the way we were brought up. Let's start … Continue reading Asking the right question