About Us

Kam Weng Studio Small Kam-Weng Goh is a seasoned executive with People Development, Senior Management, Customer Service, Technical Support experience covering Asia Pacific, the Emerging Markets, Europe, North and Latin Americas regions. He has extensively coached and mentored people from around the world.

Kam-Weng has a proven record in coaching professionals at different levels across many geographies and cultures, helping them grow their careers and deliver excellent operational results. His extensive experience spans local, regional, and global teams, encompassing cultural and cross border management.

He has strong leadership skills and experience in forming, developing and leading teams through changes and uncertainty using highly effective communications skills.

With over 30 years of experience in IT industry, working in Finance, Travel, and Services areas,  he has led teams through transformational changes, growth, re-structure, downturns, layoffs. His valuable experience will help executives navigate and thrive in the modern corporation.